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Dan Amoss

Dan Amoss, CFA, tracks aggressive accounting and red flags that markets miss. Dan Amoss is managing editor of Strategic Short Report and is our macro strategist and guardian of The 5 Min. Forecast PRO. His bottom-up investing style focuses on management strategy and the truth (and lies) buried in financial statements.

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Published online the third week of the month and via email every Friday.

Wall Street is overloaded with companies on the brink of failure. Analysts and investors alike constantly misjudge these companies… and many get burned.

Strategic Short Report is your chance to fight back. Using the put options or outright short plays we recommend, you can protect your portfolio and profit from stocks as they fall…

Analyst Dan Amoss asks: “Where’s the smoking gun?” and finds it. Call it forensic accounting in action.

A Chartered Financial Analyst, Dan started out as an analyst at one of the top small-cap value mutual funds in the country.

Now he’s on the trail of what other analysts miss. He does the dirty work: combing through SEC filings to find the frauds, fads and accounting red flags that reveal a company poised for collapse. That’s when Dan recommends put options and short plays so you can profit from the market’s weakness.

You’ll know to avoid — and to short — dishonest, overleveraged industry weaklings with bad business models. In fact, Dan tells you exactly how to profit from them.

His systematic approach revealed troubles in Lehman Bros.’ books long before they became public — giving his readers a chance to make as much as 462%. A closer look at PNC’s numbers showed little reason for optimism — leading to 220% gains. And he saw problems ahead for American Airlines long before they filed for Chap 11 bankruptcy — offering a profitable short play as the stock tanked from $6 to just 26 cents.

It’s time to protect your portfolio… and get payback when bloated stocks and pump-and-dumps get what they deserve.

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