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Chris MayerChris Mayer learned the art of valuing companies as a corporate banker. He’s the editor and founder of Capital & Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations, where he scours the globe’s nooks and crannies for hidden investment opportunities. He is the author of Invest Like a Dealmaker and World Right Side Up.

Publication Schedule

Published online during the second week of the month, issue mailed the third week of the month and via email on Fridays.

The goal of Capital & Crisis is simple: to show you how you could multiply your wealth…

  • WITHOUT taking large risks with your savings
  • WITHOUT gambling your money away on speculations
  • WITHOUT a lot of time or work spent studying the markets.

Capital & Crisis cares about one thing — value. Investment strategies come and go, but history shows that buying value is the only reliable way to build your wealth with the least risk. But today, finding value isn’t so easy. CEOs and CFOs game the system, nudging numbers to where analysts like to see them. Classic valuation strategies — comparing price-to-earnings or price-to-book ratios — just won’t cut it anymore.

So if you want to buy a truly undervalued stock, you need to dig deep.

And that’s exactly what editor Chris Mayer does in every issue of Capital & Crisis. As a former V.P. of corporate lending, Chris knows what makes good companies tick. He’s an expert at finding “treasures” in a company’s books, from undervalued assets to underappreciated business lines.

His careful research has given Capital & Crisis readers a chance to see gains of 173%… 156%…233%… and more.

Chris Mayer does this by recommending companies with a large “margin of safety” — a strategy you may have heard endorsed by many famous investors. Guys like Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffett. But that’s not the only tool in his arsenal…

He’s boiled the essentials of value-investing down to one simple system: CODE. If it doesn’t pass the four criteria in CODE, he won’t recommend it.

With Capital & Crisis, you can build a basket of stocks worth socking away for a decade!

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