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Addison WigginAddison Wiggin is executive publisher of Agora Financial LLC, a fiercely independent economic forecasting and financial research firm. In addition to the Daily Reckoning, he’s creator and editorial director of the daily 5 Min. Forecast. He pulls all of his “insider” big-picture analysis together in Addison Wiggin’s Apogee Advisory.

Publication Schedule

Published online during the third week of the month, issues mailed during the fourth week of the month and as needed via email throughout the week.

Reporting from the forefront of economic crisis … Addison Wiggin gives you actions to take, beyond the usual stock ideas, to protect yourself from today’s bureaucratic nightmares of the state, taxes and government.

A Wall Street-meets-Washington monthly publication that straddles the connections between money and politics. Addison Wiggin’s Apogee Advisory seeks out investment opportunities from the highest vantage point possible. Every month, Agora Financial executive publisher Addison Wiggin delivers eight pages to pull all of today’s “big-picture” events into one comprehensive view of what’s really going on.

Each month, you’ll have specific recommendations to protect your wealth and profit from everything you’ll learn. Plus, he shares ideas gleaned from his worldwide travels and his “golden rolodex” of contacts.

Others will be surprised by tomorrow’s events, market shockwaves and global tremors, but Apogee Advisory readers will have already known what to do.

Go beyond stock picks and technical trades to protect your wealth, personal security, individual dignity and physical safety — for a complete investment strategy.

Addison Wiggin has on this beat for nearly 20 years — tracking, analyzing and forecasting the economic events that will make or break your own financial plans. He began writing his missives in The Daily Reckoning with Bill Bonner from the Boulevard Saint-Germain, before taking the helm as Executive Publisher of Agora Financial. He’s creator and editorial director of the daily 5 Min. Forecast.

Addison Wiggin’s Apogee Advisory connects the dots between the analysis you read about in Addison’s daily e-letters/best-selling books and the investment recommendations he oversees as the top dog at Agora Financial. It’s where “the rubber meets the road.”

Don’t lie down and “take” what the government has planned for you… Hear Addison Wiggin’s warnings and take steps to protect yourself.

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