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Steve Sarnoff is the son of legendary author, researcher and options expert Paul Sarnoff.

Paul spent 40 years trying to help everyday investors understand how simple puts and calls could add a nice boost to your wealth. He offered the very first options trading classes to ordinary investors back in the 1950s. His students learned all about “Superleverage” and went on to become very successful. One man used Paul’s wisdom to grow his portfolio from $8 million to $45 million in over four years.

Over the decades, Paul wrote several books, including Puts & Calls: The Complete Guide, The Smart Investor’s Guide to the Money Markets, Getting Rich With OPM and many more. He launched Options Hotline in 1989. 

Steve joined Paul as an associate editor in 1995, learning the tools and the tricks of the trade. When Paul passed away in October 1999, Steve was the natural choice to continue his father’s work.

Steve also pioneered the use of the Japanese candlestick charting technique — an ancient and accurate style of technical analysis that was virtually unknown to Western traders until just a few decades ago. Today Steve is considered a foremost expert on these charts. Richard Russell, publisher of the Dow Theory Letters, even called Steve “the master of candlesticks.”

In between his weekly Options Hotline recommendations, Steve runs Samurai Strategies, Inc. based in San Diego, Calif. He has experience on the floor of the Commodity Exchange (Comex) in New York, and once worked as a stock and commodities broker with Dean Witter in La Jolla, Calif. And he has been a guest on the Market Talk radio show and has been quoted in Barron’s.

You can’t find a better source for option recommendations.