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This Small Company Is Leading the World Into the Drone Age

There are many really exciting new technologies making strides, but there isn’t always a good way to invest in them. It can be frustrating. Often, the companies leading the way are private, and you can’t just buy shares on an exchange.

At other times, a new technology is under development as a relatively small part of an otherwise massive company involved in many other areas, so if you buy the company based on that one exciting new tech, you are exposed to everything else. Not to men­tion you’re also diluting the potential to see gains from rising revenues of that segment with all the corporation’s other businesses.

This month, I am going tell you about a company working on a something I’m sure you’ve heard about — and happily, it’s almost a pure play. It’s working on an emerging technology that is in the news all the time. I’m convinced that this history-making com­pany — the purest investment in its field of expertise — will benefit from a fast-growing market for its products.

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